previous works

Some of our clients:

The foodstuff, textile, garments, chemicals, flavors and odors, furniture, shoes, leather, ceramics companies as well as the other companies that use the High, Nylon, Shrink, Cellophane and Shrink products.
Hotels, hospitals, supermarkets and importing offices that we supply with all types of packing, and encasing bags, plastic handkerchiefs and garbage bags.
All stores that need plain or printed bags, two hands or one-hand bags with support- provided or without support-provided.
Plastic factories, printing houses and scissors owners that are provided with Nylon and high sewing reels.

Our products are first class products only. Alasel is operating as a manufacturers and suppliers. Alasel is also a registered foundation in the Public Taxes Department and the Sales Taxes Department.

Our factory is dealing with the biggest governmental and private companies, factories, stores and individuals. The following are some of our clients:

    El-Delta Spinning & Textile Company
    Kuwait & Arab Countries Company
    TM Ready Wear Company
    El-Marwa Vegetables and Fruits Reserving & Freezing Company
    Other factories, trading companies, stores and individuals
    - You can see the products to know who we deal with.