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Printing and lining all types of packaging and covering materials with two layers matching with international standards for fruit and vegetables of all kinds with the highest quality printing.

 We also offer superior printing, ensuring our customers ’food products truly stand out from the competition.

Frozen food packaging caters for a variety of commodities; it is usually frozen now and then preheated or defrosted at a later stage. There are many reasons why effective frozen food packaging is implemented such as;
Elongates the product life , thus decreasing the percentage products going to waste before they are sold
Frozen food packaging enhances the product display of produce, hence products are marketed well
Clear and understandable nutritional information can be displayed on frozen food packaging
Frozen food packaging protects various foods packaged throughout the distribution and storage
Goods that are within the frozen food packaging is protected from harmful bacteria’s

Frozen mixed vegetables
Fish food
Frozen fruit
Sweet corn
Pre-cooked foods